Cloud Readiness Assessment

The First step to Cloud migration
is a Cloud Readiness Assessment.

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With AWS Optimisation and Licensing Assessment (OLA), we evaluate your workload environment and suggest how you can migrate and optimize your current on-premise workload with reduced costs and tailored resources.

Benefits of completing an assessment:

Rightsize your resources
Discover workloads in your on-premises or cloud environment and build an inventory of your compute resources. Our tooling-based approach will help you determine your actual utilisation requirements to help optimally select the lowest-cost AWS EC2 instance size and type for each workload. Use this data to determine the right blend of on-demand and spot instances, dedicated hosts, savings plan and other options tailored to your environment.
Reduce Costs
Without optimising your cloud infrastructure, the cost of overprovisioning third-party licensing can exceed the cost of compute. Leverage the recommendations from an AWS OLA to get the most value from your existing licensing entitlements by configuring your instances to require fewer licenses while still maintaining highly performant applications. Adapt your on-premises licensing strategy to enable your cloud migration.
Explore Flexible Licensing Options
Use the results of an AWS OLA to avoid unnecessary licensing costs and vendor lock-in. Model different licensing scenarios with license included or BYOL (Bring Your Own License) instances, to meet the needs of your business. Flexible licensing options enable you to drive seasonal workloads and support agile experimentation, as well as to model dedicated environments, so you only pay for what you need.

How it works

Optimization and Licensing Assessment
Assess the consumption, cost, and provisioning of your Windows workloads on premises and in AWS.
Scope Workloads
Determine prospective workloads to optimize.
Collect Data
Collect utilization data for workloads, using Migration Evaluator or third-party tooling.
AWS or APN Partners analyse the data to model cost and optimization scenarios.
Review the results of your OLA and build your business case or start a migration proof-of-concept.

Why Choose Voltican for your Cloud Readiness Assessment?

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your organization's readiness for a cloud transition. Our expert team will evaluate your IT environment, workflows, and applications to formulate a detailed and personalized cloud adoption roadmap.

But it's not just about the assessment. By choosing Voltican, you'll be partnering with a team of cloud experts committed to supporting you at every stage of your cloud journey.

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