Certified CMMC Assessor Level 3 (CCA-3) Training Course

Pricing: $4,995

A required resource for C3PAOs wanting to offer CMMC Level 2 and CMMC Level 3 Assessments, a Level 3 Certified Assessor is authorized by the CMMC-AB to fill the role of Lead Assessor for CMMC Level 2 and CMMC Level 3 Assessments. This CCA-3 Training is designed to provide you with the knowledge base required to successfully lead an Assessment Team in assessing an OSCs compliance with CMMC Level 2 and CMMC Level 3 Practices & Processes.

Who should take the CCA-3 Training?

  • Maturity Level 1 Certified Assessors who want to become Lead Assessors for CMMC Level 3 Assessments
  • Certified Instructors who want to teach the CCA-3 course
  • Understanding of what is required for an OSC to satisfactorily complete a CMMC Maturity Level 3 Assessment
  • Prepare students to become Lead Assessors for CMMC Maturity Level 3 Assessments
  • Provide students with SME insights, supplementary to information contained in the CMMC Model
What's Included
  • 4 days of virtual live instructor led training + 1 day of practice exams (tentative)
  • Student course materials
  • In-class activities
  • Exam Voucher
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