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    - Data Mining
    • Big Data exploration, discovering patterns and employing ML among others to provide useful insights

    - Process Mining
    • Streamline business processes to reduce bottlenecks and streamline processes

    - Reporting and Visualization
    • Increase productivity through use of modern Visualization and Reporting tools and technology

    Every modern business has data analytics and business intelligence needs; needs which, when met, go a long way to ensuring better effectiveness and business success. The insights that can be drawn from good analytics will help your business to properly understand industry and market data and place you in a better position to create strategies and implement processes for growth. At Voltican, our multi-tool approach allows us to combine the strengths of various Data Analytics and Modern BI tools from our partners to deliver the most relevant business intelligence to meet your needs.  

    Our Data Analytics and Modern BI services include:
    - Data Mining
    - Data Visualization
    - Information Reporting and so on
    We recognize today’s data challenges and opportunities. Our experts approach them from a pragmatic “one size does not fit all” perspective. Our teams and solutions are tailored specifically to bring both the right technology and business expertise to each project dramatically improving BI adoption throughout your enterprise. .


    - Data Collection and Storage (integration)
    • Connecting and collecting data from different sources and across diverse tools

    - Data Warehouse
    • Facilitating easy reporting and analysis by building appropriate Data Management Systems

    - Data Migration
    • Increasing system efficiency through the migration of data across different platforms within your organization

    Companies and organizations collect a lot of data in their everyday endeavors, sometimes this data is voluminous and has many different parts to it making it difficult for one to make sense of it. Data can be overwhelming, but Voltican knows what to do with your data to the benefit of your business! Our Data engineering experts can help you collect data, scrub your data, and generally prepare and process your data. We employ cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making. Our teams are made up of experts who are hands-on with tools such as Hadoop and Spark with solid understanding and experience in: 

    • Data models
    • Relational and non-relational database design
    • Information flow
    • Query execution and optimization
    • Comparative analysis of data stores
    • Logical operations

    What we seek to do for you at the end of the day is to change the way you do business by helping you to manage your data.


    - Workflow Efficiency
    • Increase efficiency along your value chain or workflow process

    - Business Optimization
    • Discover trends and patterns in customer behavior, influencing product development, optimizing inventories and logistics

    - Ethical AI
    • Responsible and ethical AI implementation across business offerings and products.

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are proving to be indispensable in businesses of today; helping businesses discover trends and patterns in customer behavior, influencing product development, optimizing inventories and logistics and so on. At Voltican, we combine in-depth knowledge of the fields with the experience of providing solutions to several organizations to help your company employ the best tools and technology for the application of AI and ML in your business processes.